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Update about DHIN video

Dr. Ibrahim

Several months ago I posted about taking part in a video of the Delaware Health Information Network (DHIN).  Well they finally finished editing the video and have it posted up for viewing.

DHIN is an excellent resource that I use daily for my primary care patients.  The site allows me to be able to look up patients labs, consultant notes during hospitalizations and discharge summaries from various locations in Delaware.  I also have it set up in my office that if any of my patients get lab work done, the results will be faxed to my office in Millsboro.  As a primary care doctor, having that information immediately and without having to hunt it down save me and my staff time.  That also means I can get the information back to my patients quicker and initiate treatment sooner.

For all the patients seeing a family doctor, ask them if they have an account with DHIN so that they can get all this information quickly and securely.  For all the primary care physicians, contact DHIN and ask them how they can help your practice run smoother and save you time and money.  It's a free resource available to all physicians here in Delaware, so why not use it?